Bezra Master game concept

“Bezra Master” is a 2D platformer was meant to be a finished game for a challenge in an Arabic Gaming forum, but because we didn’t have time to finish it ( we started really late on working on it)
it still in the design stage.

The story is simple, the little bear(didn’t give him a name yet) is going to help his island from the machines pollution.

Game play: The island is split into 5 parts (levels), each one with different enemies to face and a different strategies to use. Collecting seeds will help the bear in replanting the forest in the island, each part of the island needs a number of trees to plant in order for that level to be completed.

Water drops helps the bear in keeping his special Seeds alive during the level.
Adding a shop in the island was one of many ideas that we thought of, where the bear could buy weapons and different Seeds to help him through the levels.

The special Seeds are: the life seed, power seed, and jump seed. Each one will give different kind of buff to the bear, and we came up with different concept for using them.

The basic concept for using the Seeds is planting them in which the seed will last for duration of time, giving the bear its power within its range. When the time finish the seed will stop giving any more power and will need the bear to use his water to let the seed give it power again. Each seed can be carried around to help the bear in other parts in the level.

Another concept was to keep the seeds planted in the ground, giving power in its area and can’t be carried around.


  1. this is looking awesome
    we will make it someday


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