Magnus The Red: Sketch

Commission Work.

Magnus the Red, the Crimson King, the Red Cyclops, Primarch of the XV Legion the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine.

As promised here is another Primarch drawing. This time I forced my self to sit and do the rendering in pencil, I think this is the cleanest sketch I did so far.
Here are some thoughts on the drawing. I wanted to show his right eye as magic, knowledge, future and the past all at once, because its everything all together. So I made it purring warp energy, probably with all different colors and effects, well once I start painting it things would change... that is known :P .
I wanted to show him as calm, all knowing and a gaze full of determination. On the other hand I drew his ethereal form for even in torment for the loss of his legion.
I really enjoyed designing the armor, I just love Tzeentch since WH Online times ... good times indeed :(

Well, I hope you like the drawing
C&c are more than welcome


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