Ninja Al Zaman: comic page test

Greetings all

Here is another comic study I have been working on as part of the "Drawing for Comics" workshop. this is the final piece done for the workshop as a demonstration to all that we have learned during these 8 weeks. Many thanx to Tim McBurnie for such an awesome workshop :D :D

As for this piece, the concept is from a very short flash game my friend did a couple of years ago for a Ninja themed contest. I did splash screen illustration for the girl, and we finish the game in 2 days and won the first place (trust me the game is not a master piece or anything near that, but we got the first place so that what matters :P )
I kept developing the character after that and work on the story for what could possible be an rpg game.

The story is about Reem who is looking for her little brother who has been kidnapped with many of the town children by the underworld witches. That is as far as I wrote about the story back then :P I was busy designing boss battles and game mechanic ... so yeah


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