Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Alpharius and Omegon: sketch

Commission work.

Greetings followers and friends, its been awhile I know >_< but as promised here is yet another Primarch sketch, my all time favorite legion and favorite Primarchs :D
The composition didn't fit into an A4 paper so I did it on Photoshop. I wanted them to reflect the cold nature of the twin Primarchs and I wanted to show them in their minimalist armor design as it is one of the features I like the most about the Alpha Legion. Yes a statue of the False Emperor lying under their feet broken ;)

I hope you like it :D C&c are more than welcome.

Ancient Golem ~ Faeria

Creature card illustration for the online strategy card game Faeria

Game website: [link]
Team lead artist: [link]

Commission: Ordo Xenos Girl

Commission work.

I think I need to do more figure drawing from now on, like full body figure drawing. And I enjoyed using that brush in the background, really sexy :P
any way hope you like the piece.

Vamp Sister of Battle sketch

Finally and after spending a whole day trying to find the right format to get the best quality with a reasonable file size, here is the sketch video for the vamp sister.
So I need to know if the speed is good, its running on 200% now, or do I need to make it faster. Any other comments that would help me improve on the future recording the recording and editing.


Circle And Triangle

Sketching on my free time.

Character Study

Greetings friends and followers

Yet another coffee/sketching session this time with a story in mind. Its a mini comic story and I will be doing the cover/poster for issue #1 just exploring the possibilities here.
I will be doing more of this in the coming days, I am really excited about the concept and character :D I am calling it so far "Shores of the Antichrist" still a working title ;)

C&c are more than welcome

Sister and a girl

Drinking coffee and sketching, should do this more often :D

Sister of Battle WIP 3

I cant even remember the last time I worked on this file >_>

Greetings friends and followers, well here is another wip from this piece, I have been working on it for so long and months would pass between each big change I do to this painting.
So I am kinda stuck with this one, I no longer like the face, maybe I dont see it representing the idea I had first in mind. I am not sure if I will keep working on it any more, but I am thinking of starting a new one, u know like starting fresh :P

Anyway c&C are more than welcome :D

wip 1: [link]
wip 2: [link]

p.s: in the next sister painting there wont be boobs armor.

Red Troll ~ Faeria ~

This is my first illustration for Faeria, a turn-based strategy card game.
The game is really interesting and its one of those easy to learn hard to master type of games.
There will be more of Faeria game art by me in the future :D and dont forget to check their website and subscribe/follow on facebook for any future beta testing and news.

Team lead artist [link]

Magnus The Red: Sketch

Commission Work.

Magnus the Red, the Crimson King, the Red Cyclops, Primarch of the XV Legion the Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine.

As promised here is another Primarch drawing. This time I forced my self to sit and do the rendering in pencil, I think this is the cleanest sketch I did so far.
Here are some thoughts on the drawing. I wanted to show his right eye as magic, knowledge, future and the past all at once, because its everything all together. So I made it purring warp energy, probably with all different colors and effects, well once I start painting it things would change... that is known :P .
I wanted to show him as calm, all knowing and a gaze full of determination. On the other hand I drew his ethereal form for even in torment for the loss of his legion.
I really enjoyed designing the armor, I just love Tzeentch since WH Online times ... good times indeed :(

Well, I hope you like the drawing
C&c are more than welcome

Vulkan: concept sketch

Commissioned work

Greetings all,
Here are some of the sketches and concepts I did for Vulkan.
I hope you like them.

Ninja Al Zaman: comic page test

Greetings all

Here is another comic study I have been working on as part of the "Drawing for Comics" workshop. this is the final piece done for the workshop as a demonstration to all that we have learned during these 8 weeks. Many thanx to Tim McBurnie for such an awesome workshop :D :D

As for this piece, the concept is from a very short flash game my friend did a couple of years ago for a Ninja themed contest. I did splash screen illustration for the girl, and we finish the game in 2 days and won the first place (trust me the game is not a master piece or anything near that, but we got the first place so that what matters :P )
I kept developing the character after that and work on the story for what could possible be an rpg game.

The story is about Reem who is looking for her little brother who has been kidnapped with many of the town children by the underworld witches. That is as far as I wrote about the story back then :P I was busy designing boss battles and game mechanic ... so yeah